Three Important Backend Squarespace Tips To Know

We can all be overwhelmed when we navigate the backend of our new Squarespace websites. There are so many features and options that need monitored or updated, leaving us confused, overwhelmed and a little perturbed..

We TOTALLY understand.

While there are many Squarespace backend features that can leave us discouraged, there are also so many amazing benefits to navigate the backend. In result, can be the difference in setting your website apart from the competition.

To save you the headache of deciphering the top features you should focus on, we’ve already selected these for you.

These features will help cultivate your small businesses and allow you to feel confident in running your Squarespace site.


We highly suggest getting familiar with the Traffic Source page located in Squarespace’s analytic tab. This feature is excellent because it shows where your visitors are coming from, which referrers are the most valuable to your site or online store, and what traffic is driving the most visits, orders, and revenue. Viewing these analytics will help you make decisions about your marketing strategy moving forward.

As you can see, it’s very important to understand this Squarespace backend feature. It allows business owners like you to plan for future blog posts, specials, additional pages and many other ways to continue to drive traffic to your site.

If you don’t look into any other Squarespace element, make sure you take some time for this one! It’s not only beneficial for your business, but it’s a fun feature as well. It’ll be something to look forward to checking daily and see where all the traffic is coming from.


The next helpful Squarespace backend feature is the announcement bar. This is a wonderful marketing tool.

The Squarespace Announcement Bar is featured within the Marketing section. It displays a custom message above the site. This is a great way to announce a sale, promotion, a change to hours, or scheduled site maintenance. The Announcement Bar appears on every page of the site except the Cover Page, and it’s important to note that it can't be customized or enabled per-page.

We find this Squarespace feature to be super helpful when we announce our latest special, or when we’re ready to book our next round of clients. This bar is prominently featured on the top of every page, allowing Squarespace visitors to see the important message wherever they may land on the site. We like to customize with our brand font and colors to add cohesion with our site.

Now, we don’t always use the announcement bar; we want our messages to have purpose and be impactful. If an announcement bar is always displayed, we tend to think it loses its importance. You can find more details about this component here.



The final feature we want to share is the Logo and Site Title area under the Design Tab. This feature is a hidden gem, and a lot of designers forget to update this section in the backend of their Squarespace website.

The Logo and Title feature allows users to upload a site wide title and logo. When you’re taking a look at this feature, note the two steps that should happen to take full advantage of its benefits.

Step 1:

Replace the default “Your Site Title placeholder text” with the name of your site because:

  • Search engines index the title and display it in search results, so setting a site title is a best practice for SEO.

  • The title displays in browser tabs, helping visitors identify it.  (Squarespace, April 2019)

Step 2:

Next, you’ll need a finalized logo ready to upload to your site. This logo will replace the Site Title text. However, the text will still be displayed in Google searches as an SEO element. If you don’t have an established or professional logo, please reach out to us! We’d LOVE to chat over a cup of coffee to talk about your needs or read our blog post all about logos!

This is only a brief overview of all the edits and changes you can make to your site logo, but feel free to get more questions answered at the Squarespace Help Site, a valuable resource to learn more about Squarespace and its features.

Logo and Title Squarespace Feature.png

Backend Squarespace Tips Wrapup:

We’ve loved sharing these beneficial Squarespace tips with you! We won’t claim we know everything about Squarespace. We are always learning, but any features we can share with our audience to help them in their journey as business owners is a win for us.

With that being said, good luck with your Squarespace navigation! Remember, there is so much you can learn and do with Squarespace’s backend, but select the most valuable ones and go from there. You will love yourself for selecting a few main features, focusing on those and then moving forward.

If you have anymore questions or need assistance in other features, let us know, or take a look at another Squarespace resource. Whatever you decide, we’re here to help. Best of luck!!



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