Benefits of Hiring a Boutique Design Studio

Boutique Design Studio.

First time hearing this term, or are you strangely familiar with this new and upcoming type of small business?

If you are a creative entrepreneur, we’re assuming most of you have heard this term. As for the others, it may not be too familiar.

A Boutique Design Studio is a smaller creative design business that specializes in a few products or services and are typically selective in the type of jobs and clients they take on. These type of designers can be selective because they don’t try to appeal to everyone, only a selective audience, and that audience could be YOU!

As customers, we’re all looking for ways to cut-cost, increase one-on-one interaction and receive customized designs—not cookie cutter. So today, we want to share the benefits of a hiring a Boutique Design Studio for your next design needs.

Custom & Quality Designs

Quality and custom designs are a guarantee with most boutique design studios. That’s a major reason why boutique design studios are in business. They create logos based off your needs and wants, not some cookie cutter logo that you can purchase somewhere else, and include a premium level of quality with all designs.

For example, many of our competitors sell customized logos and pre-made logos, so they can reach all customers. However, with B&M Design Co, you’ll receive a specialized logo handcrafted for your specific needs. We don’t want to reach all audiences, but only the clients that want a refined, minimal and professional logo tailored to their small business for cultivation and growth. We put meaning and purpose behind each custom logo created.

Hiring a boutique design studio will give you specialized, quality logo designs. However, sometimes the large corporations or the small, nonprofessional businesses will claim they can design something impactful and with quality, but at times they can’t hold to their word. With large businesses, you’re another number, another customer, and you fall through the cracks. Then, some sort of design is rushed to you. No customization or quality put into the work. And with small startup graphic designers, they’re saying yes to any design project coming their way. So, with them you may not know the quality of work you’re getting because of their lack of knowledge or skill. Either way the situation leaves the client unsatisfied and unhappy.

We love seeing our clients’ reactions after they receive their finalized logo files. The quality and personalization is the cake on top. That’s one of the many reasons why we chose to be a boutique design studio over a typical graphic design business or agency.

Personalized Interactions

Working with a boutique design studio allows you to have personalized interactions. You’re not a number. You’re not another customer.

You matter.

Interactions on a day-to-day basis will be with the lead brand designer or business manager. You don’t have to talk to customer service, then to someone else and someone else until you’re finally talking with someone who may or may not be able to articulate what you’re looking for design wise.

However, since boutique design studios have fewer employees, you will be able to talk directly to the source. That’s something to feel special about.

Here at our boutique design studio, we only have two employees. So, no matter what project we’re working on, we both get to talk to the client. The client gets intentional interactions with both of us. And we LOVE it that way. We love interacting with our clients and making their business’s brand feel like one of a kind.

Customized Pricing

With a boutique design studio, you may not find the cheapest prices. You’re paying for what you get, quality-design and personal one-on-one interactions. The price benefits of a boutique design studio are the customized packages designers can offer you.

If you go to a pre-made logo designer, he or she will have preset prices, that usually don’t budge. With a boutique design studio designer, they will work with you.

When clients hire our boutique design studio, we like to work with their budgets. Yes, we do have set prices and packages. However, if a potential client sees a design element they’d like to add or take out, we are willing to work with them.

Now, we can’t make everyone happy. There have been a few times, customers have not booked with us because of our pricing. However, for all our current and past customers who’ve done business with us, not one of them has been disappointed with the price, service, design elements, and intentional interactions we consistently displayed throughout our design process with them.

Contact us to find out more about our design process!

So, the next time you’re in the business to hire a graphic designer, carefully research all your options when you select the type of business you want working on your logo and brand design.

Do you want to hire a large corporate design firm who sees you as another project? Or a freelancer who’s not educated on quality and professionalism, leaving you dissatisfied with your new designs?

OR do you want to hire a boutique design studio who will provide you personalized, quality work, that will leave you completely satisfied with your business flourishing in the end?

The choice is yours to set your business up for success!



B&M Design Co is a boutique design studio established in the MidWest. We design authentic brands for business owners and creative entrepreneurs to flourish. 🌿 We specialize in logo design, visual brand identity, web design and other design services. We know building a brand is not a simple task, so we want to extend an olive branch, a symbol of peace and victory to allow your brand to flourish.