Helpful Tips To Freshen Up Your Brand Identity

Your brand identity is the first thing your potential clients will see.

What does your current brand identity say about your business?

What do you WANT it to say about your small business?

There are many ways to set your logo apart from the competition and make changes to your Squarespace site to attract the right clients, but today we’re sharing a few helpful tips to help freshen your brand identity so you do attract your ideal clients.

The steps aren’t hard, but you may need to hire a brand designer to help with some aspects. Contact us if you’re needing help as you walk through these tips.

Okay, let’s jump right in.

Refresh Your Brand’s Color Palette

Are you guilty of overusing the girly pink color?

Do you try and incorporate too many of your “favorite” colors into your brand?

Or maybe your current, outdated color palette isn’t appealing to your ideal client any longer.

Your scenario could be completely different, but whatever situation you’re in, know there is a solution!

If your images have a lot of color or you want your products to really “pop”, we suggest rethinking your current colors and consider a neutral palette like black, beige and grays. Keeping to a neutral palette will allow for your products to stand out versus the bright and loud colors. But most importantly, make sure your color palette makes sense for your brand.

Narrow Your Brand’s Font Selections

Do you overuse too many fonts on your website and in your logo?

Or did you select a popular font when your business first started, but now it’s outdated?

Whatever your case is, we suggest evaluating your brand’s current fonts.

If you have too many fonts, narrow them down to one or a maximum of three. The more cohesive and simplified your font selection is on your website and throughout your brand, you’ll be seen as credible.

If you’re using an outdated script font, consider a timeless, clean san-serif or serif font. These will cultivate longevity within your brand identity, and will allow you to use this font for years to comes. And again, your small business will be seen as credible.

Yes, that’s correct. By selecting a timeless, clean font, your business will establish trust with future customers. They know you have excellent taste and plan to be in business a LONG time!

Cheers to many more years of business ownership!

Extra Helpful Brand Tip: Take an extra step and find out what font would be ideal for your small business.

Adding An Extra Element

To complete your brand identity, do you need to add an extra element to put the finishing touches on your business?

Or is your current logo a bit bland and overused?

Either way, let us share a few scenarios that may speak to you!

So, maybe you’re a photography business, and need an extra special brand touch to make you wow your clients. We suggest having your brand designer create custom-branded Thank You notes to pass out to each client after a photoshoot. We’re not photographers, but these have been a huge hit with our past clients!

Maybe you sell makeup products. What if you used your current illustration or pattern from your logo to design small stickers? Then attach them to your client’s orders, a simple but thoughtful, extra touch.

Or, maybe your business only has a typographic logo. We recommend having your designer add a submark or additional element to your brand. Your audience will love you for it, and they won’t have to see the same version all the time—it will help cultivate and freshen your brand identity.

Wondering what a submark can look like? Take a look at one of our previous client’s submarks.

Whatever extra touch you decide to give your brand, do it! Don’t just think about how nice it would be or that you should have it done—make a move. Get it started.

Remember, your current brand identity is already saying something about you and your business. BUT, is it what you want it to be saying?

If not, start making some changes today.



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