Branding Mistakes to Avoid

You’re at it again. You’re making updates to your brand, tweaking your website, trying to get the right look and feel for your business’s brand so it resonates with your clients. However, every effort you make, doesn’t seem to be enough.

Let us tell you—it may not be enough.

But don’t get discouraged by this! We’re only saying this because we’ve seen many businesses tweak their branding yet make lots of mistakes along the way. So, we’re sharing branding mistakes you need to avoid to flourish your brand the right way.

No Authenticity

As designers we can get so excited for a new client, yet over promise and under deliver. We focus too much on our products, services, or aesthetic that we forget about the clients’ needs. When we put our wants and needs before our client we forget to be authentic.

To show authenticity, begin to put your clients needs’ first and start to share who you are as a company. Share your process more in-depth. Be upfront and honest about your pricing. Don’t hide anything—include secret clauses. Be open. Discuss if there are communication issues or other problems going on. The more you’re authentic, the better your relationship will be with your clients.

Looking Like Everyone Else

It can very tempting to see a lovely brand and want your own business’s brand have a similar look and feel. You copy the color palette, the hand drawn illustration, and font type. The finished brand looks amazing, but way too similar to the other business’s brand.   

We’ve seen this a lot in businesses—everyone wants to look like an established brand or take something that’s already working and use it. However, having too much of a similar look and feel can damage your brand’s professionalism, stature, and expertise.

We recommend separating yourself from other brands. You can find inspiration from other business’s brand, however, don’t copy them. Create a presence that is unique to your business's mission and values.

Outdated and Poor Web Design Presence

Keeping a website up-to-date is a lot of work. One day you may be focusing on updating imagery and another day is spent updating the SEO. And if you’re like so many other small businesses this can seem secondary to booking that next client and securing business. Overtime, your website falls off your radar, becoming outdated and more harmful to your brand than helpful.

Your website is another important visual for your small business. It needs to showcase your work and the values your business can bring to potential clients. If the imagery is outdated, if the branding doesn’t match your updated business cards, and if you’re not seeing your business in Google searches, it’s time for an update.

How to fix this? You may be in the need of a web design revamp or you may need small design tweaks—either way act soon. You don’t want to give a negative impression to clients who are currently looking at your site! To start, check out our blog post about web design.  We’d also love to answer any web design questions you may have. Submit your questions and we will get back to you in 24 hours! We want to help you in any way possible.

Not Hiring a Professional Brand Designer

People love to DIY their brand. They have a cousin, brother, or someone who “thinks” they know graphic design and craft their visual elements. They throw some colors together, create a logo that might appeal to their business (forgetting about their clients) and put together a half-created brand style guide. The final brand turns out decent, but nothing that speaks to the business’s values, ideal clients, etc.

To create a brand that exudes a visual presence that’s cohesive and speaks to the business, while also speaks to the business’s core values, you need to hire a professional brand designer. A professional will create a color palette with reasoning, a submark with purpose, and a complete brand that will visually tell your clients who you are.

If you’re at that point when you’ve invested too many hours into a DIY brand and you’re ready to invest into a professional brand, we’d love to help you! Our boutique design studio creates professional, refined, and minimal brands for small businesses to flourish. If you’re interested and want to know the next steps. Please contact us. If you’re looking for more of our offerings, we can help you with that as well.


As we’ve mentioned, there are many branding mistakes you can make in your business, but there are even more design steps you can take to allow your business’s brand to flourish. No need to slam your computer, stress out, and ultimately give up. We're here to help your brand cultivate into something beautiful.

Need some additional resources to learn about your brand? Hop over to The Design Branch, where we share all sorts of tips for small businesses’ brands, graphic design and web design.

We’re rooting for you! We can’t wait to see what you do with your business’s brand.




B&M Design Co is a boutique design studio from Dayton, OH. We design authentic brands for business owners and creative entreprenuers to flourish. 🌿 We specialize in logo design, visual brand identity, web design and other design services. We know building a brand is not a simple task, so we want to extend an olive branch, a symbol of peace and victory to allow your brand to flourish.