Tips for a Successful Brand Photoshoot


Photography is the beauty of life captured.
— Tara Chisholm

Feeling overwhelmed with the list of tasks you need to complete make your brand photoshoot success? Don’t know where to begin to make sure your brand photoshoot is a success? Or maybe it all seems too overwhelming for you to even think about doing one of these shoots. Whatever your reasoning may be, we know what you’re feeling and going through!

Before we launched our business over a year ago, we knew we needed a professional photoshoot that would capture our business’ vibe and ultimately capture the business owners together—us! Because let’s be honest, we are rarely in a shot together. Either one of us is trying to stage a stylized photo while the other is awkwardly posing by herself, or we may capture a few quirky behind-the-scene shots while we’re together. 

With the frustration of many “failed” photos and an inconsistent aesthetic, we knew it was time to book a REAL, professional photographer to shoot the two of us together and capture our brand! So one year later, that’s exactly what we did.

Today we’re sharing all sorts of awesome tips to organize and prepare you for your next brand photoshoot.

Behind the scenes shot of Michelle at our brand photoshoot. Also pictured is our lovely photographer, Lauren Dahlhauser.

Behind the scenes shot of Michelle at our brand photoshoot. Also pictured is our lovely photographer, Lauren Dahlhauser.



After you book your photographer, select a date and establish a photoshoot venue. Then, start brainstorming props needed for the shoot and create a list of the photos you want the photographer to capture for your business and brand. Remember, you’ll have these photos for awhile so do the work upfront and you will end up with meaningful photos that capture your brand and appeal to your target audience.

As you create your shot list, start organizing the props you will need for those photos. Don’t overthink or add too much to this list, but make sure you have options that fit within your brand guidelines so you are well prepared. Also, be mindful of your timeline if you need to order materials online or a bouquet from your local florist. Below we are sharing the list of items we put on our list. This may help you out!


Brand Photoshoot List


Note: Your list will look a lot different from ours if you’re a small business focused on products. Make sure to list all of your products you need shot because you want to capture the full breathe and persona of your product.



Leading up to the brand photoshoot, it’s crucial you keep in touch with your photographer, and keep him or her up-to-date on times, location and other important information. The photographer will need to know the venue ahead of time so he or she can prepare for transportation, equipment, venue policy, and lighting situations. We also recommend sending the photographer your shot list ahead of time so he or she can get a feel for your wants and needs. 

Lastly, make sure you are comfortable with your photographer and trust them. If you don’t trust them, you you won’t be comfortable with them. If you’re not comfortable with them, it will show in your photos. When you’re searching for a photographer, choose someone you trust and is a good fit for your brand—we want you to love and appreciate their artistic style. Also, make sure you are able to support their business’s values and vice versa. This will ensure an amazing shoot!



The number ONE priority the day of the photoshoot is to HAVE FUN! We can’t stress this enough. If you’re nervous or more worried about your looks versus the final product, it will show in the photos. So, relax and enjoy the process.

On the day of our brand photoshoot in early Spring, we awoke with a surprise—snow! It started with flurries but by the end of our shoot we has 6 inches of snow! That made it difficult for us to get to and fro our car with our photoshoot materials and heels. Needless, to say we made it and didn't let the snow stress us out!

Our photoshoot took place at the Neidhammer with the lovely Lauren Dahlhauser. She made us feel so comfortable. She directed our poses and really just wanted us to have fun. We twirled around like 5 year olds and got to be goofy together (bringing out our true personalities). It was the perfect shoot.

Remember, as you’re planning out your shoot, have fun! We may look serious in the photograph below, but what you don't see is the constant laughter leading up to the shot. 



Brand photoshoots don’t happen often so make it the best it can be by applying these helpful tips that we’ve shared with you from our most recent experience. Remember to prepare and organize, stay in communication with the photographer, and ultimately enjoy the photoshoot!

You may have loved the brand photoshoot tips, but aren’t ready for that stage. Maybe you’re still developing who your ideal client, how to be real and authentic in your business or even wanting to establish your brand before the photography. We get that!

If you have any questions on your next step of action to move towards a brand photoshoot, drop us an email or comment below. We’d love to help your brand and small business flourish.



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