Cultivating Your Business’s Core Values

Your business is important. How you showcase yourself, your services, products and values can be very telling to clients. This could make or break a potential client.

You’ve probably heard a lot about how to revamp your services or products or how to put your best foot forward to make a great first impression. Yet, have you recently worked on your business’s core values? Have you revisited your core values in the first five years or even six months to make sure you’re abiding by them?

Either way, we want to help! We want to help you cultivate your small business's core values. 



If you’ve been in business 10 years or just starting out, revisiting your core values is a MUST. Take a look at your list of business values. You may have six or you may have three. We recommend having three or four values. Either way, see what core values you wrote down when you first began your business.

Did you create strong core values or were they thrown together?

Looking at your current core values, does your business still uphold these and actively live them out? Or, do you see them as a list of “feel goods” that look appealing to potential ideal clients. If you’re in the latter of the two categories, we’d encourage you to start rethinking why you initially selected those ethics and values.

Many other successful businesses have core values.

Did you copy a successful business’s core values, hoping you’d be successful as well?

Clients like to see what a business stands for.

Were you guilted into setting core values to look good to clients?

Your business upheld those values at one point but now on a different and new path.

Why haven’t you selected new ones?


Here at B&M Design Co, we created three core values to abide in as we do business with clients. We not only abide by them, but they are our fundamental beliefs as a business. They are who we and what we want to represent to clients. We created them over two years ago, and yet they are still applicable today.

Authenticity: Transparency with pricing and communication.

Intentionality: Purpose and reasoning behind design concepts.

Passion: Showing excitement for the potential growth and impact of your business.


Great, now that you’ve had a chance to revisit your core values and make sure you even had a list, now’s the time to re-evaluate them.

  • What does your business want to be known for?
  • What are your business’s beliefs?
  • What is your business’s mission?

We believe these few questions will make you re-evaluate if your current values are valid and whether they hold value to what your business has become. Maybe one of your core values is Open-Mindedness, but you always have the right answer and you don’t waver in your decisions or thoughts. Always having the right answer definitely isn’t a bad thing, however, you may not want Open-Mindedness as a value if your actions contradict.

Evaluate if your business’s values are inline with 1. Your business but 2. Your personal characteristics. You will want them to be similar, allowing your core values to naturally shine through.

We hand-selected our three core values, because we believe in giving our best to our clients. Relationship building is a must for us, so we wanted our values to exude the transparency, meaningful designs, conversations and excitement we have for each client.


Cultivating your core values might be the most difficult step in this process. You’ve already revisited and re-evaluated your business’s values, but now you need to implement and nourish them. But don’t fear, we have a few pointers to help you with this.

Keep your values at the forefront of your mind.

We don’t mean lose sleep because you’re thinking about them too much. However, when you bring on a new client, remind yourself what your business values are, so you can uphold them throughout your journey with your new customer.

Live out of your values.

Core values are apart of who you are as a company. So, stop worrying you’re going to mess up, but take a deep breath and realize you’re already embracing them. You got this!

Continue to cultivate your core values.

You may have selected new core values, but never stop evaluating them. Continue to revisit your business’s mission, your why as a business, and how you want your business to be portrayed. This will encourage you to refocus your values and begin on a new track.

Remember, no one is perfect. You may have established values but disregard them a time or two. Don’t worry, we understand—it's happened to us.

So instead of getting discouraged and ultimately giving up, remember a few of the pointers we’ve shared and you’ll be on your way to success. We’re cheering for you!

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