Ivory Aisle

We recently designed a logo and visual identity for Ivory Aisle, a decor rental, delivery and set up business for wedding and events. Casey met the owner, Lauren Drury, through a previous corporate design job.  They kept in touch, and once Ivory Aisle became a small business, Lauren reached out to Brock and Mishler Design Company to create a modern, professional and minimal logo. We want to walk you through the design solution we created for Ivory Aisle’s new brand and the concept behind it. We are so excited about the end product for this elegant yet professional brand, and believe that this is only the beginning to establishing this small business as a contender in the decor rental industry.

Ivory Aisle's Design NEEDs

Ivory Aisle is an event rental business that offers decor rentals, delivery and styling services. The owner, Lauren, collects a mix of modern and vintage event decor and pieces from flea markets and antique stores. As Lauren's inventory and business grows, she hopes to establish Ivory Aisle in central Illinois as the go-to place for wedding decor and styling. With a website already in place, Ivory Aisle was in need of a professional logo and visual identity that shows prospective customers that this business is trustworthy and knowledgeable.



We designed a new logo and and visual identity with a modern and a vintage flair to reflect Ivory Aisle's business and decor objects. Ivory Aisle is showcased below with the tagline, "Event Rentals" but can also be shown without it. The sans serif font for "Ivory" shows the brand as bold and professional, while the hand lettered script "Aisle" adds an elegant, feminine touch that will appeal to the newly engaged bride-to-be. The gem illustrations and patterns bring a level of sophistication and can be versatile for the brand's identity and collateral.



We intentionally hand lettered the script "Aisle" to create a logotype that was unique to the small business, but also similar to the style of the fonts that Lauren was inspired by for her brand. A light blush, gray, white and black color palette is reflected in the business’s visual identity, with a primarily black logo and text on a blush pink background. The consistency of utilizing Ivory Aisle’s logo and text on a blush pink background created a unity and trust with the business’ brand. The sub mark with the gem illustration and stacked logo version inside an oval shape is another variant of their logo. The oval shape evokes positive emotional messages, femininity and endurance—this balances out the more masculine geometric lines and shapes of the gems and pattern. 

Designing this brand has been so much fun! We absolutely LOVED working with Ivory Aisle, transforming their logo and visual identity into a brand that creates credibility and longevity. Would you like to know about us or our services? We’d love to connect with you!



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