Meet the Designer

Hi Friends! It’s time to #meetthedesigner. Not just any designer, but OUR designer, Casey Brock. Casey started her graphic design career at Ball State University in the Visual Communications Department. Actually it started way before then, but we will say it started at BSU, since she received her professional right of passage at that time.

After graduation, she began work in the world designing for a women’s fraternity, Alpha Gamma Delta. She loved working with the people and the organization, but knew corporate design wasn’t going to be her passion for the rest of her life and needed to be challenged to develop her design skills. She then transitioned to Gilchrist & Soames where she currently works full-time designing retail products and marketing campaigns.

Yet, all the while, during college and her corporate design jobs, she knew she wanted to own and run a boutique design studio. She just had to figure out how to get there.

Today, through a Q&A, she is sharing who inspires her, what motivated her to begin a design career, sharing her favorite brands, and much more. You don’t want to miss what she has to say!




How long have you been a designer?

I took my very first graphic design course as a senior in high school, so 8 years if you count that. Or, 4 years professionally.


What motivated you to become a graphic designer?

As nerdy as this sounds, I’ve always been fascinated with computers and art ever since second grade when all I wanted to do was draw on Microsoft Paint. My mom is also professional artist and has always encouraged me to pursue my talent and passions.


Who inspires you as a designer?

 I really look up to Corinna Nika—she’s a well-known a designer, hand letterer, and art director who resides on Kefalonia island, Greece with her husband, sweet newborn and cats. I really love her art and design aesthetic, and hope to be as good as her one of these days.


What brands do you admire most and how do they inspire your work?

I admire Rifle Paper Company and their founder, Anna Bond. She established a unique art aesthetic that evolved into a big retail space with beautiful products. Everything about their brand comes across as authentic and cohesive, which I strive to maintain for Brock & Mishler Design Co. Moglea is another beautiful stationery brand that is stays true to their values, art, and quality of products.


Where do you get your inspiration from?

Traveling. It opens my eyes to a bigger world and I love seeing and experiencing new places, cultures, and exploring different color palettes. A year ago I had the opportunity through my full-time job to attend Alt Summit in Palm Springs, California. I met so many amazing creatives and was inspired by bright colors, palm trees and mountains. Nature also allows me to see the beauty in creation which you can find in a lot of my art.


What is your design aesthetic?

I would define my design aesthetic as refined and minimalist (I embrace lots of white space) but I also love adding unexpected elements that shows I’m thinking outside of the box.


What has been one of your greatest achievements as a designer?

One of my greatest achievements has been participating in Minted design challenges and having my designs and art selected to sell. It’s an amazing feeling to know that people from all over are connecting with my work.


Describe your creative process.

After a cup of coffee or two, my creative process starts with gathering inspiration from art and design via Pinterest, magazines, or walks in the park. I like to brain dump my ideas and images into some sort of collage or mood board. I will then start narrowing my concepts by researching and sketching ideas in my notebook, and then translating into Illustrator or Photoshop. A lot of refinement and constructive feedback is also critical in my creative process.

How do you get unstuck creatively?

Sometimes it’s helpful for me to walk away from a project to process thoughts and ideas. I often need to give myself whitespace and listen to music in order to refuel my creativity. Working out and keeping myself mentally and physically healthy, and creating a work/life balance also helps me to keep the creative flow.


How do you stay organized when provided with multiple design assets, files and ideas?

Asana is good for keeping track of tasks and project management. Evernote is good for keeping my thoughts and ideas in one place. And, of course, I couldn’t live without my planner and to-do list! It’s also important for me to keep all of my files and design assets in an organized folder structure on my computer and external hard drive.


Has there ever been a time someone hasn’t enjoyed or liked your work?

Of course—design is subjective to the viewer’s eye. There are some that prefer a more dark and edgy style compared to my refined and minimal aesthetic, and that’s completely okay! But, it’s also important for designers to take constructive feedback and criticism from colleagues or clients in order to grow and expand outside of our comfort zone.


Do you get burnt out? If so, how to you recover/recoup?

I do get burnt out if a project is taking much longer than expected, or I am lacking sleep and nutrition. I have to create that work/life balance and spend quality time with my husband and friends or family to keep me motivated. Reading Scripture also helps recenter my focus on what really matters.



Favorite past-time hobby?

Watercolor and oil painting—although I do try to make time for this when I can!  


Drink of Choice:

Caffè mocha with almond milk or a margarita on the rocks


Quirkiest thing about you:

I LOVE to rollerblade.


Next Place To Travel:

Most likely Florida with my hubs! I’m in major need of some sunshine, warmth, and salty air.


Recommendation for a good read:

The Women in the Castle by Jessica Shattuck
Uninvited by Lysa Terkeurst



Thanks Casey for sharing! Sometimes it can be hard to share as the designer, but we know everyone loves hearing designers’ personal stories and how life brought them where they are today.

You may have more questions for Casey. Feel free to contact her or you can find out more about her on Our Story page.



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