3 Things NOT to do When Defining Your Niche


You are more than enough and so are your talents and gifts
— B&M Design Co

No matter if you’re just starting your small business or your doors have been open for years, we’ve found that may business owners struggle to define their niche.  A niche is defined as products or services that appeal to a small, limited or specialized group. More details pertaining to a niche can be found here. All business owners need to define their niche to truly be successful in their industry, and we want to share with you three steps you should NOT take when defining your niche.




The purpose of defining your niche IS to be specific. We don’t want to confuse you on this. However, you don’t want to get TOO specific when narrowing down your offerings, and in return you’re unable to obtain new clients. For example, you are an aspiring make-up artist. You begin doing makeup for anyone and everyone. One day you decide you better define your niche. However, you get way too specific. Instead of narrowing it down to just brides, you narrow it down to brides who only love coffee and wear pink fingernail polish. Okay, that is a little absurd but you get our drift. You need to define your specific offerings for a specific group of people, but don’t eliminate potential clients!



Are you the type of person who thinks they can do ALL things, even if you’re not an expert on the topic? You’re anything from an aspiring photographer, content writer, social media expert to a designer. We’ve been there before—trying to do anything and everything to make it in the small business world. However, you no longer have to do that! That’s the amazing thing about defining your niche, you can begin to hone in on your skills that you’ve implemented in your business since day one. You don’t have to do it all yourself just to make your business succeed. Once you define what YOU are good at, develop a plan to delegate the tasks that will give you more time to focus on your specific skill set. For example, delegating your accounting to a trusted source or hiring a designer to craft your business cards or social media graphics will allow you to focus on what you're good at and avoiding burnout.



Lastly, you can’t launch your business with a defined niche if you’re doubting yourself. Be Fierce. Be Brave. Be Confident. You got this! You’ve worked hard to define your specific niche, so don’t let anyone discourage you. There will be days you want to quit, give up and take the easy route. However, be encouraged you are MORE than ENOUGH and so are your talents and gifts. When we find ourselves getting discouraged by the lack of inspiration in our work, that’s our cue to leave our office and get out and explore! Going to art museums, finding a new coffee shop, or meditating helps us recenter our thoughts on what we’re capable of and focus on developing our skills.


As you’re on this journey to establish your business and define your niche, remember what we’ve talked—the three steps NOT to take when defining your niche. Don’t get too specific. As you define your niche stay within boundaries that will be beneficial for your small business, but benefit your specific audience as well. Next, don’t try to do it all. You will fail. Continue to weed out the products or services you don’t consider yourself an expert in. Focus on one or two items that will set you apart from competitors. This will allow you to define your niche. Finally, stop doubting yourself. You are excellent at what you do. Believing in that will take you a long way. If nothing else, remember to work hard at your gift and you will see your business succeed.



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