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Small business collaborations are an amazing way to work and support other small businesses.

Cassie Dunmyer reached out to us about a collaboration idea. She needed a professional logo created for her wedding and portrait photography business. She had been in business about a year and was ready to establish her photography business with a professional logo. In return, she wanted to shoot some brand photography for our business.

We were honored she reached out for our designing services. So of course we said yes to the collaboration!

Now, we want to share with you the initial concepts we crafted for her photography brand and how the final concepts developed into a beautifully cultivated logo design.



Cassie Dunmyer Photography is a wedding and portrait photographer focusing on natural lighting. Cassie also works with small businesses to provide them galleries to use primarily for their social media and websites. Her business is unique in that it offers a very hands-on, personal approach. She is looking to create a brand presence for her business through a grounding element that can serve as a recognizable image for people to come back to. She'd like a more professional and consistent brand, and a logo to further legitimize her business and show another layer of commitment to her potential clients.

 We love when businesses recognize their need for a professional brand identity and logo to set their brands apart and reach out to us! To learn more about setting your brand apart, read about the 5 ways to set your business’s brand apart from your competition.



Our initial logo solution consisted of a logo, illustration and a submark. We originally agreed to design just a logo, but we love adding extra design elements to our packages. We want our clients to feel valued and adding extra pieces to their brand is one way we do this.

So, we presented the new logo design in an earthly color palette of warm gray and green to give a botanical and natural vibe. We showcased her logo fully spelled out: Cassie Dunmyer Photography along with the goldenrod illustration (more details about this below). The “EST 2017” is an added element to the logo—we believed it to add balance and credibility to Cassie’s business and experience as a photographer.

Finally, we showcased the initial submark, which can also be used as the secondary logo. We thought the oval would stand apart from her horizontal logo, but complement it at the same time. See these initial concepts below.


Initial Logo D






We took Cassie’s dreams, ideas and requests from our extensive brand questionnaire, and tweaked the initial logo, submark and illustration allowing her wedding and portrait photography business to flourish.

With most clients there are tweaks made from the initial logo designs, so we shared the initial concepts above. Now we’re now sharing the final design concepts below with explanations of each element.

We love when a brand identity and logo design comes together, and that’s what exactly happened.


The Cassie Dunmyer Photography is a simplified version of the initial logo concept. The new logo design exudes professionalism and quality with a botanical and artistic vibe. Cassie’s logo is showcased fully spelled out: Cassie Dunmyer Photography and includes a goldenrod illustrated by Cassie. We also believe this logo to be timeless and appealing to a wide-range of clients, while largely attracting businesses and makers with a similar natural vibe.



We turned the initial oval submark into another stand alone submark, displaying the goldenrod illustration and her company’s initials C & D. This can be used on collateral, stickers, and much more.

 We also typically provide our clients with logo variations such as a submark or wordmark. They are able to use each variation in different mediums but still have a cohesive look.

 Example: Cassie may want to use her full logo “Cassie Dunymer Photography w/ tagline” on her website but showcase her submark on her Instagram page. The text may be different, but the brand will resonate with potential clients across all platforms.



The logo is supported with a neutral color palette of Pantone Black and Warm Gray. This color palette is represented throughout her logo, illustration and brand photography and should appeal to a wide-range of ideal clients, male or female.


Cassie had a background in fine arts, and wanted to incorporate that into her logo design. We usually don’t allow clients to create bits and pieces of their own logo, but with her fine art background, we made an exception and allowed her to draw the illustration for her logo.

 We suggested she draw a goldenrod, a common wildflower in Indiana for her illustration. This wildflower is often seen during Cassie’s photo sessions. It is also known to symbolize encouragement and growth—perfect for Cassie’s story and connecting to her clients.



This was such a fun design project.  We loved creating a minimal yet earthy logo that establishes Cassie’s photography as a professional and respected business.

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