4 Questions to Ask Your Brand Designer Before You Commit

Finding the perfect brand designer is exhausting. 

You spend a few weeks scoping out designers based off their prices, beautiful designs, and amazing personality, all by looking at someone’s Instagram or website.  

We get it. We’ve been there before when we were searching for the best photographer or hairstylist. 

And with us being brand designers, we know the questions you should ask your potential designers. That way you get exactly what you’re wanting.

So, that’s what we’re sharing with you, the four questions you need to ask your brand designer before you commit.


1. How do I know you’ll design a logo and brand that will appeal to my ideal audience?

You may wonder how your brand designer is going to craft a logo and ultimately a brand that appeals to your ideal audience. Doesn’t it feel like they are shooting the moon with their ideas? Do they really know you?

Well, those are great thoughts. It could go one of two ways depending on if you do or don’t ask your brand designer how your designs will appeal to your target audience.

1. If you don’t ask them what their direction is for your logo, and you don’t willingly give them details about your business and ideal clients, NO they probably won’t create something that appeals to your ideal audience. They will most likely take your brand colors and font choices and create something beautiful, but not directed at your clients.

2. However, if you DO mention this concern up front, the designer should ask you specific questions about your ideal clients. They should continue to ask and gain knowledge on your wants and needs until they are 100% sure they can create something for your audience.

To better understand our clients’ ideal audience, our initial stages in the design process include market research. First, we research local competition. Next, we research our client’s clients. We get to know what those people like, respond well to and look for when going to make a purchase.

Our goal is to get to know your clients as we would you.

The other important piece to grow the knowledge of our client’s ideal customer is to have our clients answer an in-depth questionnaire that digs into their small business. This questionnaire gives great direction on how to proceed with their logo, based on our client’s needs and wants, their business’s industry, and most importantly based off their ideal client.

If you’re having issues figuring out how to shape your brand into something your ideal clients will resonant with, please leave us a comment or contact us. We are here to help you!


2. Are there any hidden fees?

Don’t forget this question. Hidden fees and additional costs can make or break your decision to go with a certain brand designer. Initially, the cost may sound reasonable, but then you find out your designer hasn’t included the cost of your font or they tact on a fee for submark or hand-illustration. Thus, leaving you with additional costs and wishing you went with a different designer.

Or maybe there weren’t any hidden fees, but we recommend you look around for pricing before you commit to the first designer you talk to. The lowest price may not always be the best decision.

Years ago, we found out that you get what you pay for. So, take that into consideration as you determine your price range. You could find a premade logo for $50, yet a lot of photography companies may have a similar one as yours. OR, you find a custom brand designer for only $450, yet he or she only provides you with the logo design files. He or she doesn’t take the extra time to provide you with a style guide, font choices, or even a hand-drawn illustration.

Okay okay, we get it. Price is a big deal. We’re just advising you to do your homework before you say yes to the lowest brand designer. You may be missing out on a brilliant designer who was worth the extra $300, offering you more design pieces, and valuing you as a human being—not just another client.


3. What does the design process and timeline look like?

If you’re ready to sign the contract, but haven’t seen a breakdown of the design process and what the timeline will look like—be cautious.  Any brand designer knows it’s crucial to share what their design process looks like, adding in anticipated completion dates. Sharing this process allows you to have a peace about the unknown! But please note—designers need grace as well because there are setbacks along the way and dates will need to be adjusted. So, allow for some wiggle room with your dates.

Here at B&M Design Co, one of our core values is authenticity, so we make it a priority to share our design process and the timeline with our clients. We want to be real and share how long our process takes.

For a logo design, you can count on receiving your files in 3-5 weeks. This timeframe will vary between all brand designers. However, for us, we work full-time jobs and run B&M Design Co as a side hustle. This time frame allows us enough time to cultivate your logo and create something beautiful.

Again, make sure you ask your designer what their design process timeline looks like. You don’t want to assume the project will only take one week, and then it takes way longer than expected. However, give your designer the benefit of the doubt. They usually have your best interest in mind.


4. How will my final files be delivered?

This is a crucial question. Asking your brand designer how your final files will be delivered can really tell a lot about the designer. There are many ways to share files. Receive an USB with all the files, receive them through Google Drive, or even view and download on a secured Squarespace landing page. The platform they deliver the files isn’t as important to how they do it.

  • Do they put in extra time and effort?
  • Do they go out of the way to communicate that they are finished with your brand and the files are coming your way?
  • Do they add personal touches?
  • Do they ask how they can further support you to launch your new brand?

When we’re ready to deliver our final files, it’s an exciting time. We send our final files through Google Drive. It’s an easy, hassle-free way to securely deliver files to our clients for them to download on their terms.

Not only do we love elevating a client’s brand, but we also love the end of the process where we can further support them and cheer them along the way. With other brand designers, they may send you the files and give your farewell wishes, glad the project is finally over. However, we love to take this opportunity to help our clients plan out a brand launch plan.

The final files are important, but we don’t stop there. We love seeing small businesses flourish and we’ll help you get there!

REMEMBER: These are only a few questions you should ask your brand designer before your project begins. There are many more you should consider. You can never ask too many questions. This is your business, money, and brand so you have the right to know exactly what you’re getting yourself into before you have someone create your business’s brand.

If you’re unsure of your current brand designer or a designer you’re about to book, reach out! We will offer free advice on your next steps. Again, we’re here for you! #communityovercompetition



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