Setting Your Small Business’s Logo Apart


I want to make beautiful opposed to ugly things. That’s my intent.
— Saul Bass

Do you find yourself second guessing your brand? Do you wonder if your logo is grabbing your potential clients’ interests in the midst of all the other small businesses like yours? Or are you just not sure how to set your brand apart from your competition?

Don’t fret. We got YOU! There’s a lot of competition out there, so we’re sharing ways you can set your logo apart.

We understand it’s difficult to know if your logo is enough let alone your brand. Quickly throwing together colors, typography and a name isn’t going to set your brand apart. There needs to be thought and reason behind your brand and logo design.



If you haven’t already, take the time to research your competition and strategically think about your brand and logo. This allows the design process to be even smoother.

We gathered some questions below that we believe must be answered during the research phase, to truly set your logo design apart from your competitors. Your business should be unique, even if you offer the same products or services as another small business. So, do your homework, know what sets your small business apart, and why you’re doing what you do.

Questions to Answer:

  • What is your business good at?

  • What sets your products or services apart from your competitors?

  • Who are your competitors?

  • What are they doing “differently”?

  • Do your offerings speak to your ideal client?

Once these questions are answered, you’ll have a better understanding how to position your brand in the industry and thus will aid in defining your niche. Which will ultimately guide the  logo design process.



Now that research is complete, it’s design time. To guide your decision on custom vs. premade logos, we’ve laid out our observations, first-hand experiences, and opinions out below. We value custom made logos and want you to see the reasoning behind them. However, we’ve want to explain premade logos first, so you get a feel for our thoughts on these!

Premade Logos:

We’ve all seen the premade logos. They are cute, fun and editable. You can buy them off Etsy, Creative Market, and many other design websites. However, when we begin to really evaluate the work, detail, research and concept behind the logo, we find that it’s all missing.

If you were to purchase a premade logo, edit the text and plop it up on your have a unique brand, right!? Not quite.

You will eventually find someone with the same logo or a concept very similar to yours. You’ll notice they even kept the same colors as your premade logo, and at that point your logo design isn’t unique and your potential clients will notice. Even more, already-made logos miss the mark on giving your business a story—the WHY behind your work.

Okay, so we’re not saying premade logos are bad to use. However, we are saying they aren’t the best option. They will not set your brand apart from the competition, AND they will miss the mark of why branding is a major aspect of our small businesses: to visually tell our business’s story!


Custom Logos:

We love custom made logos because they provide value, brand identity, and a story.

Logos are first impressions for your business. It visually speaks to who you are as a business and describes your why. The research stage solidifies this and makes it easier to customize the logo to speak to your brand.

Customized logos give your brand value because they are unique and speak only to your business and no one else’s businesses. You won’t find anyone else with your logo. Well you better not! If you do, that’s another whole side conversation we need to have!

If you can’t already tell we are passionate about customized logos, that’s because it’s a main part of our design services here at B&M Design Co. We create custom logos that will speak to your small business. We research your competition, create a style board specific to your needs, and create a cohesive brand that will allow your business to flourish and be set apart from your competitors.

No cookie-cutter logos with us. We value your brand and the story—that’s why we provide a logo and visual identity package that will visually showcase your story from conception through execution.

There’s no better feeling than creating a customized logo that resonates with a client. We love hearing their response to the unique submark or illustration created specifically for their brand—found nowhere else.



It’s not enough to only research and create a custom logo to set your brand apart. Creating a cohesive, consistent, quality brand that is implemented daily through your website, social media, stationary, product packaging and more is going to be the key.

As you keep your branding and messaging consistent throughout all platforms, this will generate credibility from your clients and ultimately create trust. The key to doing business with anyone. When you establish trust, your brand is then setup apart.

It’s not always easy, but keep fighting friends! It’s worth the time, energy, and resources to create a brand and logo that will resonate with clients for years to come.

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