Cultivating Your Side Hustle

Putting in the time and effort now will only help flourish your business down the road
— B&M Design Co


You’re starting a side hustle or have started a side hustle, but working full-time and wondering how this is all going to work out? We feel your pain. Here at Brock and Mishler Design Co, we are going through the same thing: full-time jobs during the day and working our design studio at night. We experience up and downs but continue to work hard at our side hustle so we can make our small business dreams come alive. We want to share some of those steps we’ve taken, to continue to find motivation for our side hustle, while working full-time. We’re excited to walk through this with you, because it’s so worth it!

You’ve probably heard this quote from Marc Anthony and may even think it’s a little hokey, but it’s spot on. “If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.” It’s so true. Since we have launched our boutique design studio, we have spent oodles and oodles of hours outside of our 8am-5pm job working our side small business. Late nights, early mornings, whatever it takes to make our clients happy we will do, because we LOVE what we do. We do not mind putting in the extra hours, working on the weekends or occasionally missing out on a spur of the moment hang sesh with friends, because we are in our element.

Now we are not saying give up on ALL your personal time and hermit away with your side business-never seeing daylight again. But we are saying: there will be moments you may have to miss coffee dates, Saturday morning relaxation or even that carefree Friday evening. Whatever you like to do, outside of your full-time gig and side hustle, you may sacrifice time to time to make your own business come alive. However, missing out on plans isn’t the point. We want you to know, if you have a side hustle you are passionate about, you won’t mind missing out from time to time. Remember, putting in the time and effort now will only help flourish your business down the road.

Putting in the time and effort now will only help flourish your business down the road.

Now, we know what you are thinking, “when is Brock and Mishler Design Co actually going to give us some good tips for managing my side business and thriving full time?” Our list of pointers and tips from our own experience are below.



You won’t be able to work hard at your side business after your long days at work if you don’t have a plan laid out. Know what your vision for your business is. Have a mission statement. Create 1, 5 and 10 year goals, and then set weekly goals to keep you on track. Setting up these three items will encourage and motivate you in the tough moments when you don’t want to put the extra effort into your side hustle after coming home from a full day of work. Still no motivation to set up your framework, so you can do the things you love in your business? Download our FREE goals worksheet to help you work through these items.


Your time is very precious when working full-time and running your small business, so start setting weekly goals. Organize and prioritize your weekly goals so you can utilize the most of your time, even when there is limited work time. If you don’t have organization, your limited time will continue to dwindle even more. We love using our printable calendar to schedule out our weeks. Feel free to utilize it to begin setting your weekly goals- allowing you to maximize your time doing the work you love!


We cannot preach this enough, carve out time in your week for YOU! You may be super busy working your full-time position, speeding home to work long nights on the side business, and then getting up and repeating again the next day. However, where are you in that mix? You need to take time for yourself. When planning your week, carve out a little relaxation or even something fun you love to do. When you refresh yourself, you will feel motivated to put in the extra hard work even when you don’t necessarily feel like it.

Good things come to those who hustle.

All in all, working  a side hustle can be a lot of work and time. You may feel frustrated you miss out on fun events or you don’t have enough time in the day or week to complete your tasks. We, B&M Design Co, know what you are going through. Owning a branding and design business brings the same obstacles; so we’ve been there and are still working through some of the suggestions we mentioned above. However, hang in there, it will get easier as you find your niche (the place or position you feel comfortable in). As you find your niche and begin to love what you do even more, you will find more time to work on your business. Remember the steps above: establish a vision, mission, and goals, prioritize your weekly tasks, and carve out weekly time for yourself. If you can begin to work on these steps you will find the motivation and time to succeed at your side hustle, yet still thriving in your full-time position. Do you have additional questions on how to manage your side hustle, yet still working full-time? We’d love to hear your comments below or contact us. Until next time, remember, good things come to those who hustle-so hustle hard friends!



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