The Four Squarespace Design Gems You Didn't Know About


Squarespace is a vast online website platform which includes anall-in-one solution from domains, eCommerce, hosting, galleries, analytics and 24/7 support all included, making it easy for users creating beautiful, customizable websites.

Either you love this platform or hate it. But you may dislike Squarespace because you’re unfamiliar with some of the hidden gems or features this platform has to offer. Maybe you know the basics but feel stuck creating a website with unique designs and features for your small business.

So, we’re sharing the 4 hidden gems on Squarespace we use. We love these features and have seen a dramatic increase in site traffic since utilizing them.

Let’s jump right in.



“It’s a small image that displays next to a page's title in browser tabs and in other places across the web.” - Squarespace

Updating this feature is a must! It sets your site apart from all the generic tabs and icons in the browser. Find an object or image that represents your brand. This object can be as simple as your submark or as advance as a custom illustration. *Note: If you’re needing help with your brand checkout our branding services. Find the visual that will set your brand and site apart from your competitors and allow it to flourish.

Adding the favicon to Squarespace: 

Once you have selected your favicon, it’s time to upload it. This is hidden in Squarespace but nothing you can’t handle if you follow these three easy steps.

  1. From the Home page, select the Design Tab

  2. Select Logo & Title

  3. Upload your favicon like we show below.  Make sure your file is in either a .png or .ico format, and that they don’t exceed 100KB. Then SAVE it!


In the screenshot above, you’ll see our custom favicon-a hand-illustrated olive branch. This olive branch represents our brand and peace we offer clients who trust us with their brand visuals.



This fun feature allows your site to make “announcements’ throughout. We put announcements in parentheses because it really is a bar making bold announcements on each page of your site. You can put anything you’d like up there.

We have seen a variety of content on the bar, but we’d recommend one of the following to really drive traffic and ultimately make a sale. We even wrote a short blurb you can use on your site to make it even easier!


  • Topic: Newsletter Sign Up 
  • Wording: Don’t miss our special offers and announcements. Sign up for our monthly newsletter here!
  • Topic: Book a New Client

  • Wording: Now booking NEW clients. Follow this link to contact us today!

Screenshot 2018-03-29 16.53.43.png

Setting up the announcement bar in Squarespace:

To setup the announcement bar, select the Design Menu from the home screen, and then select Announcement Bar. There you can add your content and format it as you see fitting for your brand.

Next, you can add a custom URL to link users to a certain page. Select from the dropdown menu-pictured below in the screenshot. This is great for a contact page, your services page or a featured blog post you want most users to see and read. If you don’t want a clickable announcement bar, you can leave out this step.

Once complete, ENABLE the bar from the select down menu as shown below. Hit SAVE and you’re all set! Once saved, the announcement will appear at the top of each site’s page in bold black, unless you customize this css. Users are able to exit the bar at the top right, but will see it on each page.

Announcement Bar


This one gets overlooked A LOT. We overlooked the search engine description the first time we setup our site, but thankfully have had it updated since. This description needs to be filled out before your small business’s goes live. It’s usually displayed on Google’s display results-like below. This isn’t the case every time, but it really gives you more power to control what will be displayed versus not filling this out.

Search Engine Description

To upload your site description, go to the Settings tab and then select SEO from under the Website Menu-like shown below.

Site Description Upload


Another hidden gem in Squarespace is the cover page feature. The cover page is like a one page website. It allows small businesses to display various information in a single page format. If you’re confused how to fully utilize this feature, we put together a list of ways you could utilize it.

  • Announce “Coming Soon” while the full site is being designed

  • Potential clients sign up for your Newsletter

  • Share a new album or CD release

  • Advertise an event or a special you’re running

There are so many ways you can use this feature, but people are afraid to explore options they aren’t familiar with. We get it! So one of the best parts about this feature is the premade templates available. You don’t have to put a bunch of time into designing these, unless you’re a designer and want to create something unique to your brand you would need to use the style panel. Either way, it’s an easy to use Squarespace feature that will grab potential clients’ attention.

B&M Design Co Cover Page Example

As you can see above, we used the cover page as a “Coming Soon” announcement for our site. This allowed us to still have a unique URL for social media and our business cards, while we designed our site. On our landing page, we focused on grabbing potential clients interested in the launch of our new site. So, we added a “notify me” button to have them sign up to receive an email once we launched. This helped build our email list and see traffic that came to our site and was interested in our business.

We branded the page and kept the design and content simple. We wanted the cover page to speak for our work—even with it being only one page. We made sure to include social media icons and a way for people to contact us besides signing up for our launch newsletter. We have saved this so we can use this page in the future.

Follow the Squarespace steps below to help you build and customize the rest of your page:

  1. In the Home Menu, click Pages, then click the + icon and select Cover Page.

  2. Select a layout and begin to add branding, text, and media.

  3. Add videos, audio, and maps depending on your layout.

  4. Finally, add actions like buttons, forms and links to other pages of your site.

  5. Style the page.

  6. To set the Cover Page as the first page visitors see at your domain, set it as your homepage.

Cover Page Setup


We know that was a lot and you may have really enjoyed nerding out about Squarespace or you maybe more confused than ever. However, don’t be! It takes time to learn the ins and outs of this website platform, and the more you dig-in and play around with these features, the more you will become comfortable. And in no time, an expert!

We only scratched the service of all the hidden gems Squarespace has to offer, but we hope this will get you on your way to creating a unique and beautifully designed site. We’re cheering for you. So send us any questions you have about Squarespace design. We’d love to help you in your journey!

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B&M Design Co is a boutique design studio from Dayton, OH. We design authentic brands for business owners to flourish. 🌿  We specialize in logo design, visual brand identity, web design and other design services.  We know building a brand is not a simple task, so we want to extend an olive branch, a symbol of peace and victory to allow your brand to flourish.