4 Squarespace Tips Your Web Designer Didn’t Tell You

We understand not everyone is computer savvy and could easily build their own Squarespace website. That’s why you would hire a wonderful web designer.

However, even the best web designers forget to point out major tips for your site, because they’re focused on making it pretty and executing everything you’ve requested to a T. They don’t think to tell you practical Squarespace tips to help your website traffic increase and keeping your potential clients on the site longer.

We understand this as brand and web designers ourselves. So, we’re sharing the following Squarespace tips that a web designer may forgot to mention to you!


We can’t stress this enough. Blog. Blog. Blog.

Blogging is an amazing tool for any creative business or entrepreneur, because it’s a new way to produce fresh content, increase your Google Rankings, and drive more traffic to your site.

If you don’t blog let’s think of the ways you’re going to drive traffic:

  • New social media posts

  • Word of mouth

  • Direct

Not a huge list.

Now, let’s think of ways to drive traffic while blogging:

  • Pinnable blog images for Pinterest

  • Affiliate links

  • Increased traffic through Google

  • Guest blog posts

  • People sharing your blog posts through various avenues

  • Plus the list above

This list is proof that adding a blog to your site will be very beneficial for your business.

Let’s quickly talk about the frequency of blogging. Business owners can get overwhelmed thinking they don’t have enough time to create a blog post everyday, once a week, or even once a month, especially if they are the only one running the business.

Don’t fret!

Blogging can be done on your own schedule. Do what’s right for your business and your time schedule. To be honest, we started out blogging once a week and eventually it took too much time. Now, we upload a new blog post every two weeks. This has been the sweet spot for us.

Again, your schedule will vary, but take the pressure off! You are the business owner, do what’s best for you!


As creatives, we can find ourselves overloading our Squarespace sites with content to make a “good presence” for our potential clients. However, bombarding our site with words could potentially overwhelm clients from sticking around.

As we like to say—minimal is key! Why add extra wording, when our work should showcase itself?

As creatives we produce enough work and content to showcase our skilled photography, makeup, art, floral designs, and so much more. So as you think about your Squarespace design layout, think of showcasing your work before your words. (And yes we are guilty—we still have yet to showcase our portfolio and refresh our website, but you get the point.)

Let the art speak for you.

Of course, you’ll want to add content so customers know what your services and/or products entail so they can connect with you. Trust us—at the end of the day if you keep the website content minimal, not only will your clients love you but your pocketbook will, too!


I think we’ve talked about this one before, but it’s so important. We had to bring it back up.

Be sure to update your photos and images’ alt text on the backend once you’ve uploaded images. I know we’ve forgotten this important Squarespace tip, because we’re rushing or we don’t realize the importance of this content.

Long story short, images’ alt text play a key role in SEO. Google crawlers checkout your site often to see what new content and SEO you’ve implemented. Updated images with alt text improve your ratings with Google. Yay!

So, as you do your monthly Squarespace updates and add new images or update current ones, remember this small but impactful task.


Let’s say you’ve already promoted your Squarespace site, and now visitors are flooding in. Once they get to your website, they’re immediately bombarded with popup messages, flashing headers, chat boxes popup, “How can we help you” messaging all around, and the list goes on.

Whoa. Stop right there, sounds like a bit of a hot mess to us.

If you have one or all of those items currently on your site, ask yourself why?

  • Do you want to keep the potential clients around longer?

  • Are you afraid they will leave your site, if you don’t have those flashy promotional messages all over?

  • Is that really your best way of grabbing the client’s attention?

Whatever your reasoning is, we’d guess it’s not really moving business. If you think you have a great one example we’d love to hear in the comments below!

What we’d recommend is keeping it simple. If you already have traffic coming to your site, you’re doing something right. You don’t want to scare those potential clients away once they get to your site by bombarding them.

If you have you any questions on how to do this, we’d love to chat with you! Contact as us at hello@bmdesignco.com.


It’s okay if you don’t have your Squarespace site all figured out. No one does. We hope by providing you with a few tips, you’re on your way to succeed as a creative business owner. #communityovercompetition

As we mentioned before, we want to help you in any way, so contact us so we can help your small business flourish.



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