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One of our greatest joys is creating a minimal and refined logo and visual identity for small businesses and creative entrepreneurs to flourish.
— B&M Design Co

We love taking our clients’ ideas and creating something that will speak to their business and who they are as a person. And when we succeed in this, we feel like we’ve conquered Mt. Everest. Okay, maybe not like that—but we do take pride in our work and love showcasing our work when it is complete.

That’s why we are sharing one of our recent clients’ brand and visual identity.

SR’s Brand Identity Needs:

Susie Ripley is working to launch her startup small business soon. A coaching and consulting business with a vast focus on community coaching, life coaching, personal training, health and wellness coaching, executive coaching, personal development, program development, grant writing and administration, problem solving and leadership development.  

She envisioned developing her business’s visual presence through an established brand identity. She wanted something that exudes professionalism and establishes a trust that portrays transparency, confidence, care and success to future clients through a minimal and sophisticated logo and visual identity.

Side note: It’s wonderful when clients trust us. When they trust us, we can take the creative reigns and create a beautiful brand that exudes professionalism and trust with their ideal clients. Trusting us with their brand design will ultimately allow their brand to flourish. Clients can take the pressure off and allow themselves to focus on what they're truly good at in their business.

That’s exactly what we were able to do with Susie’s brand, because she trusted us.


When we began to develop Susie’s brand, she ooo’d and awed over Kate Spade’s brand. She wanted something very similar to that respected and sophisticated brand. Yes, we love Kate too, but we wanted her brand to stand apart from her competition and did not want to copy or match the Kate Spade brand. We wanted Susie to have an unique brand identity for her business. So, we began the process of cultivating a logo design and visual identity for her—SR Coaching and Consulting with Strategic Results.




We took SR’s dreams, ideas and requests from our extensive brand questionnaire, and designed a new logo and visual identity that will allow her small coaching and consulting business to flourish.

The modern, minimal, and professional brand identity included a Kate Spade vibe as requested to reflect Susie’s personal wardrobe and love for classiness and professionalism. Susie Ripley is showcased with ‘SR’ and the tagline, “Coaching & Consulting with Strategic Resources” and also can be shown without it.


The SR monogram is a modern and bold visual—a sophisticated mark for the brand that will be easily recognized by Susie Ripley’s clients and potential clients. The contrast in the sans serif font brings her logo a balance and elegance.


We provided an option for Susie Ripley to be displayed as a word mark for versatility purposes. The SR can also stand alone as the submark or secondary logo to accommodate other dimensions and act as a visual component. This can be used on collateral, stickers, and more.

We provide our clients with logo variations such as a submark or wordmark. They are able to use each variation in different mediums but still have a cohesive look.

Example: Susie may want to use her full logo “Susie Ripley w/ tagline” on her letterhead but showcase her submark on her Instagram page. The text may be different and the colors may be reversed, but the brand will resonate with potential clients across all platforms.


The logo is supported with a neutral color palette of black, white, and beige. This color palette is represented throughout her brand materials and should appeal to a wide-range of ideal clients, male or female.


The painterly striped pattern gives the brand an edge with depth and texture to enhance the brand’s versatility. The stripes also have a greater meaning and linear concept of providing a straight and narrow path for SR’s clients to succeed. We provided her pattern on both white and beige backgrounds.


TAKING Your Brand to The NEXT STEP:

We loved designing this brand, but more importantly we absolutely adored Susie. We loved creating a new logo design and visual identity that will SR’s new business to flourish. Are you ready to trust us with your brand—to create something that will make your small business stand above the rest?

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