Weeding Out Your Inbox


It’s that time of year. Everyone feels a need to declutter their houses, offices, clothes or whatever it may be. Sometimes as business owners, we focus too much on the tasks that aren’t necessarily priority and lose out on the opportunities for new clients, complete an outstanding project or do the things we love.

For example, we find ourselves constantly checking emails, sorting through old emails, and trying to find the set time for our next meeting. We felt we were spending more time on the minute work versus the work we enjoy and what truly matters. So, we took an initiative to declutter our inbox, so we can focus on the tasks that truly do matter. And we are sharing a few easy ways you can weed out your inbox, get all that clutter out, and begin to feel organized so you have time to do the things you love to do.


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If you’re utilizing Gmail, labels are a great resource to begin weeding out your inbox. Even if you have another email provider you should be able to use labels. Labels make your life SO much more organized and bearable.

Once an email is selected, there is a Label Tab available. A new label can be created from the dropdown menu. Once the label is created it will be assigned to the selected email, and that label will stick with the email until otherwise updated. The end result will become a more organized inbox.



This is pretty self-explanatory. If you have unwanted emails, UNSUBSCRIBE. You don’t need 101 emails in your inbox; especially if you only plan to read eight of them.

Find your favorite bloggers, recipes, coupons, shopping stores, sports, news or any other favorite reads and save these subscriptions but get rid of all others. If you’re looking to weed out your inbox, you need to start living more minimal, and it starts with your email subscriptions. Once you delete your so called “favorite” email newsletters, before you know it you won’t even notice they’re gone.



Everyone has a planner or has good intentions to get one and use it, but we forget it at home or don’t want to carry it around. So, why not utilize the online planner—your inbox’s calendar.

Your calendar is a great resource to keep up-to-date with your priority tasks in your inbox. We often find ourselves with so many email threads started, important emails that are awaiting responses, and meeting notifications spread throughout the inbox. Begin to leverage your calendar by putting all your to-dos in there and clearing up your cluttered inbox.

For example, if you’re meaning to update your brand and need to call your graphic designer on Thursday at 12pm, create an event. This event will automatically upload to your calendar, and no longer leaving you with the email in your inbox. Ultimately, leaving you with a more organized inbox.



Keeping organized can be a chore and seem more difficult than just letting the emails pile up. However, as a business owner you owe it to yourself to be at least semi-organized, because when you’re organized you work more efficiently. When you work more efficiently you will be able to spend more time on the things you love. Don’t we all want that? We do! It’ll be so worth it for your small business and YOU.

Keep the above tasks such as setting up labels, managing your email subscriptions, prioritizing your calendar and this will guide you to a more organized inbox and a happier you!

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What are YOUR organizational tips you use to stay on top of your small business? Please share, we’d love to hear!




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