Cassie Dunmyer Photography



Cassie Dunmyer Photography is a wedding and portrait photographer focusing on natural lighting. Cassie also works with small businesses to provide them galleries to use primarily for their social media and websites. Her business is unique in that it offers a very hands-on, personal approach. She is looking to create a brand presence for her business through a grounding element that can serve as a recognizable image for people to come back to. She'd like a more professional and consistent brand, and a logo to further legitimize her business and show another layer of commitment to her potential clients.

the solution

The new logo design exudes professionalism and quality with a botanical and artistic vibe. Cassie’s logo is showcased fully spelled out: Cassie Dunmyer Photography and includes a goldenrod illustrated by Cassie. The goldenrod is a common wildflower in Indiana, and is often seen during Cassie’s photo sessions. It is also known to symbolize encouragement and growth—perfect for Cassie’s story and connecting to her clients. The “EST 2017” is an added element to the logo—we believe it adds credibility to Cassie’s business and experience as a photographer. We also believe this logo to be timeless and appealing to a wide-range of clients, while largely attracting businesses and makers with a similar natural vibe.

Additional notes

Please note that the collateral is a mockup to showcase how these elements of your logo can be represented. These designs can be purchased separately. We’d also be willing to discuss ideas to further develop and enhance your brand in regards to typography, color palette, and website. Please let us know if you would like to set up a call. We truly loved working on this design and believe that your illustration is the icing on the cake!