Cliffside Acres


the solution

The new logo and visual identity displays a modern and minimal vibe with a touch of chic to reflect Jordan’s vision for her new wedding venue. Cliffside Acres is showcased below with the full name Cliffside Acres, including hand-illustrated foliage.

For the primary logo, we created a monogram that can be versatile for web and print collateral and will nicely resonate with the ideal target audience for Cliffside Acres. The monogram with foliage represents hospitality, warmth, and trust, and can also be displayed separate as shown below. For the secondary logo, Cliffside Acres is displayed as text only without the monogram and foliage. For the submark, CA, it can be used as a supplemental graphic, favicon for the website, or for smaller real estate in print or digital. The final design element created was a geometric submark and can be used as a supplemental graphic.

The color palette displays black and white with an added touch of gold. We felt gold foil on collateral would elevate the brand nicely and a flat gold color could be used for other items if desired. This color palette will complement the venue and space, and provide versatility for different types of weddings.

Also featured below is a modern and clean sans-serif font for the typography. We believe this font treatment will translate well across print and digital platforms—and most importantly, resonate with your ideal audience.

Overall, this minimal, modern, chic brand will attract an array of brides with a similar taste for their weddings.



Cliffside Acres is a Springfield, Ohio wedding venue, opening late 2019. This venue allows brides to create their own special day. This business is different from the competition because it offers the best of both worlds: a new, modern and chic venue with plenty of rural outdoor space including fields, forest, cliffs, and a creek. This venue will also provide valuable insight into the industry, offer referrals and an understanding of Millennial couples’ wants and needs. Cliffside’s mission is to serve everyone that steps on their property like they are are welcoming the brides into their own home. The new venue will open the end of 2019, and Jordan, the owner, envisions a black and white modern, minimalistic, clean logo that allows the clients to have an upscale experience at the venue.  To establish this new venue and stay above the competition, Cliffside Acres is in need of a professional logo and visual identity that establishes professionalism, modern and upscale experiences for future bridal clients.


additional notes about the design:

Please note that the collateral and business cards are mockups to showcase how these elements of your logo and identity can be represented. These designs will be sent separately for approval. After your brand approval, we will go on to design your social media profile images.