Flowers and Jules


the solution

The new logo design exudes professionalism and elegance with a botanical and local vibe which reflects Jules's preference for her business's new logo. The florist's name is showcased below fully spelled out: Flowers & Jules, and includes a hand-illustration of mountains with aster and zinnia flowers showcased at the bottom of the mountains. The flowers represent her business located at the foot of Mount Currie. This logo speaks to the values that Jule's embodies in her business—sustainability, environment, client care and creativity. 

This clean, minimal logo design should attract Jule's ideal clients who are drawn to simple and creative custom wedding florals. The mountain and floral illustration is unique to the Pemberton area and will resonate with locals. We displayed her logo in a neutral color palette, displaying a black logo on a warm gray background. Pops of light olive green is displayed in additional floral illustrations. We believe this color palette will allow Jule's beautiful work and photography to stand out. Pops of blush, green and navy is displayed throughout her lovely photography and can be further portrayed in her website or future collateral.

We displayed the new logo in a website mobile view mockup to showcase the impact your logo makes with a beautiful and new website. We also displayed your logo as a mockup on the cover of a hard book to showcase the impact it can make with printed materials. The floral illustrations are an addition to your logo and can be represented in your website or future print materials. We also displayed a secondary logo without the mountain and floral illustration. This could be used to fit other formats and dimensions if needed.





Flowers & Jules is a florist and an organic flower farmer who supplies fresh flowers for weddings, corporate clients and one-off arrangements. Julia's flowers are locally grown on her flower farm in Pemberton, British Columbia, Canada. She envisions her brand to be crisp, clean, and have longevity. She envisions mountains in the logo with flowers and a modern font, thus allowing her new brand to be set apart from the competition in her industry. A professional logo design and new Squarespace website will elevate her current business's brand.