hr unlimited resources

the solution

The new logo and and visual identity is bold and energetic, and will appeal to a younger audience through fun and friendly means of communication. The brand still represents its professionalism and expertise and will appeal to their current customer base as well. HR Unlimited Resources' core value and centralized message of Christ being the cornerstone of the business is the most important asset to the brand, and we wanted to maintain the symbol of the cross represented in the HR of the logo.


HR Unlimited Resources is a service based company that offers human resource training and municipal financial consulting for a variety of businesses. Their focus and values are built on Christ-centered foundational principles. They aspire to appeal to a younger audience and gain new clients through fun and friendly means of digital and print communication.


Clean and refined typography will ensure longevity of the logo. Printing the logo in gold foil will add a level of sophistication and trust. The HR is also represented as a submark and can stand alone in a variety of designs as long as the full logo is represented at least once in the design. The red map illustration represents the city of Indianapolis and surrounding areas. It also has a more meaningful symbol of representing intersecting lines that connect towns, cities, businesses and people--the heart behind the business. The brand icons are an additional design element that represent their core values and add a friendly touch to web or print materials. The color palette of dominant red and secondary colors, black and white, is a contributing factor to establishing a fun, energetic, and friendly vibe.