SR | Susie Ripley


the solution

The new logo and and visual identity is modern and professional with a Kate Spade vibe to reflect Susie's personal wardrobe and love for classiness and professionalism, which will also reflect in her business. Susie Ripley is showcased below with "SR" and the tagline, "Coaching & Consulting with Strategic Resources" and can also be shown without it. We also provided an option for Susie Ripley to be displayed as a word mark for versatility purposes.

The SR monogram is a modern and bold visual—a sophisticated mark for the brand that will be easily recognized by Susie Ripley's clients and potential clients. The sans serif font in her logo brings balance and elegance. The logo is supported with a neutral color palette of black, white, and beige. This color palette should be represented throughout her brand materials and should appeal to a wide-range of ideal clients, male or female. The painterly striped pattern gives the brand an edge with depth and texture to enhance the brand's versatility. The stripes can also have a greater meaning and linear concept of providing a straight and narrow path for SR's clients to succeed. This striped pattern can be displayed on a white or beige background. The SR can also stand alone as the submark or secondary logo to accommodate other dimensions and act as a visual component. This can be used on collateral, stickers, and more.



Susie Ripley is a coaching and consulting business, with a vast focus on community coaching, life coaching, personal training, health and wellness coaching, executive coaching, personal development, program development, grant writing and administration, problem solving and leadership development. Susie plans to launch her business early May of 2018, and envisions her business growing from social media and word-of-mouth. To really promote her business and stay above the competition, SR is in need of a professional logo and visual identity that establishes a trust that portrays transparency, care and success to future clients.



additional notes about the design:

Please note that the collateral and business cards are mockups to showcase how these elements of your logo and identity can be represented. These designs will be sent separately for approval. After your brand approval, we will go on to design your social media profile images. We also have ideas to further develop and enhance your brand if you are interested in additional design services. We believe the SR submark would be the perfect element to 'emboss' and create depth and texture on your materials. This could be used on the outer flaps of envelopes or even act as a stamp for your letterhead. Also, we think your brand could use some branded notecards that could be handed to clients as a "thank you" and more. Let us know if you're interested!